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Primary Goals and Objectives

Industree is an Edmonton based tech startup that allows construction and maintenance companies to recruit the most component trades workers quickly and easily for their projects. They approached our agency looking to build a website that allowed their startup to showcase their startup's goals, display the value they want to bring, and let both workers and companies pre-register for the launch of their app.


For the website, we want to create a design that was attention-grabbing and easy to navigate. Since they have 2 target demographics, companies, and workers, we had to ensure that it was easy to find the relevant information for each visitor type. We also needed to make sure it was very easy to quickly register on the website. Since Industree is an early-stage start-up, we needed to showcase their value and simply as possible. At the time of the website design, they didn’t have set features in place, and most of the content is focused around the problems they are seeking to solve within the industry, and we needed to do that in a way that was easy for any user to understand.


We provided Industree with a fun and engaging website that looks amazing on any device. Throughout the main page, we made sure there we’re several CTA locations for the website users to sign up. After delivery and launch of the website, Industree was able to more easily market their start-up to its target demographic, getting a few dozen sign-ups within the first few weeks.

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