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3 Tips to Improve Your Next Email Blast

By: Norman Mba

Does email marketing work?

Yes, it does. It can be challenging to capture anyone's attention using their inbox. However, there are ways to make your email marketing campaign stand out and be more productive.

Here are three simple tips for your next email blast, or blast.

Track key data and engagement rates

According to Campaign Monitor, click-throughs, list growth, conversions, and ROI are the most useful performance metrics for marketers. Emails with low open rates can trigger spam filters and send your messages to spam. Specifically, emails that are deleted but remained unopened are red flags for email providers. Gmail also considers the frequency of responses and forwards. These numbers can be used to determine how engaging users will find incoming messages.

Think about ways to increase open rates when designing your email marketing strategy. Such as focusing on creating compelling subject lines that appeal to your target audience.

HubSpot is one of my favorite email marketing platforms, because of the detailed analytics available for emails that have been sent.

Make Your Emails Valuable

Ensure that your emails are valuable to the recipient, or it will be ignored. Consistency in delivering value is the key to getting your emails read again and again. And bringing down the unsubscribe rate. For some readers, this means offering a special discount or exclusive promotion to your email list. For others, that could mean offering a blog post or a piece of content that's more than just a typical sales technique.

With its various eCommerce integrations HubSpot makes it easy to offer coupons or discounts using email marketing.

Personalize Each Email

Rather than blasting out information, think of email marketing as a way to interact with your customers and prospects, build relationships, and drive valuable repeat business. Emails are a place to show your personality. Be conversational with your reader instead of speaking in a dry "press release" tone. Send new opt-ins a welcome email, thank them for subscribing. Understanding the importance of adding a personal touch to your email marketing has a direct impact on the number of conversions you get.

HubSpot makes it easy to personalize each email using dynamic content. 

If you need a little help in applying these email marketing tips, we have a great team passionate about increasing your sales with captivating email marketing campaigns.

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