3 Tips to Help Improve Ecommerce Sales

By:Norman Mba

Increasing sales is the key to a successful business. Not just because you'll experience a spike in revenue but because growing sales carriers exponential value. Unfortunately, companies go through plateaus and declines. These things happen, but don't get discouraged.

Here are 3 tips to help you increase your eCommerce revenue

Target existing customers

When businesses have trouble growing, they usually think it's because they don't have enough customers. Rather than focusing all your effort on customer acquisition, you should improve your customer retention strategy. According to research conducted by Monetate, repeat shoppers are worth five times more than first-time customers. By adding to the first sale with subsequent sales, you completely change how your customers interact with you.

Did you know loyal customers:

  1. have more items in their shopping carts during orders
  2. convert at a higher rate
  3. generate more revenue each time they visit your site

Display icons and symbols that show your site is trustworthy

Nobody will want to shop on your eCommerce site if it appears untrustworthy. Cybersecurity is a primary concern for shoppers these days. In one study, 61% of online shoppers decided not to purchase because a site lacked a trust seal, according to Acquisio.

There are different ways to instill trust and provide security on your checkout page. First, include a primary signifier of trust, like a brief description of your security measures. To take it a step further, try to include a legitimate trust seal. This will require that you get verified by a third-party vendor. At which point, you will then have permission to display their badge.

Upsell your products

Upselling can prove to be more effective than acquiring a new customer. Sometimes your current customers don't know that a premium product is available, or they may require more evidence to understand how an upgrade (or a bundle/package) is a better fit for their needs.

There are two primary considerations when upselling to increase sales:

Be sensitive to the anticipated price range of your customers.

Make sure your upsells are related to the original product.

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