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• App Ideas
• App Validation
• Business Ideas
• Business Validation

Strategy & Planning

• Project Management
• Business Model Planning
• Website Planning
• App MVP Planning
• Marketing Strategy


One on One Sessions To Help You With:

Accountability Coaching
Personal Branding
• Brand Mentorship
• Marketing
• Design
• Design & Website Dev Tools


• Branding
• Website & App SEO
• PPC Campaigns
• Social Media Management
• Social Media Content
• Sales Copy-writing
• Blog Writing
• Website Content
• User Market Research


• Website Design
• App UI/UX Design
• App/Website Wire-framing
• App/Website Prototyping
• Clickable Prototypes
• Logo Design
• All Graphic Design


• Website Development
• E-commerce Websites
• Startup Info Websites
• App Landing Page Websites

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